Philip Beesley for Holo Magazine © Erika Jacobs
This post has been a long time coming. Sceen Magazine editor Alexander Scholz  contacted me back in 2011 to photograph Toronto architect Philip Beesley in his home office. Since then, Sceen Magazine has become Holo Magazine, Philip Beesley Architect has moved to a much larger work space (so we re-shot), and Alexander has moved from Germany to Toronto, back to Germany, and now to New York. Phew. All of these changes have been labours of love, and I’m privileged to have my photographs featured in Holo Magazine‘s inaugural issue.

2014-05-26_0082014-05-26_0092014-05-26_0102014-05-26_0112014-05-26_012Philip Beesley for Holo Magazine © Erika JacobsPhilip Beesley for Holo Magazine © Erika Jacobs


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